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Witch Mountain

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"
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 The Legendary Pink Dots: A Velvet Resurrection

I want to believe in the nobility of the human spirit.

I want to believe that mankind is essentially good and that the horror I see and the horrors I hear about are simply the last crisis of a dying spectre that has haunted our fragile globe for just too long. 

I want to believe that we are about to peel off the mask with which this spiteful god has been frightening us. 

I want to believe that we will not dance on his defeated rotting body for that would grant him victory in death. 

I want to believe that we will peel away the masks with which we frighten each other.

I want to believe that no new spectre will replace the one that died and that we can stand alone and respect one another love one another? Respect and cherish life in all its shapes and sizes while continuing to evolve. 

I want to believe that mankind will never be too arrogant to abandon its quest for the ultimate answer. 

I want to believe that even I could answer this question. 

I want to believe all of these things. But you caught me at a bad moment and I can’t.

Septimania Philosophica, 1616

Septimania Philosophica, 1616

Babes in Toyland

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